Breakfast in bed accessories

A brekky in bed is both unique and thoughtful, as it something that your loved ones will enjoy using for their morning meals, a perfect idea for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or just a lazy Sunday!

Why not choose something that is both a treat to the eyes as well as the stomach? If you are looking for a simple yet thoughtful gift for your friends and family this then brekky in bed makes for the perfect choice.

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Almond Banana bread

Almond Banana Bread

Ingredients 3 bananas, mashed, plus 1 banana, halved, to decorate ½ cup vegetable oil 2 free range eggs 1 cup brown sugar, plus 2 tbs

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Breakfast in Bed Essentials

There is nothing more satiating than waking up to a scrumptious breakfast delivered straight to you in bed. What adds to your experience of relishing a fresh and delicious brekky in bed is indulging in breakfast accessories like a fancy breakfast tray, elegant coffee pots and milk cartons etc. After all, a great bread and breakfast is all about striking the perfect balance between both taste and presentation!