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Brekky in Bed Box

When it comes to giving gifts to your loved

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 ones, it’s important to choose the ones that cater to their desires.

We try jewelry, fragrances, and a lot more but have you ever considered gifting something that is edible?

Yes, we are talking about something that is a treat for both their eyes and stomach. 

Brekky in Bed is one such company that delivers packaged food that is simple, tasty and convenient .

There are  a number of packages to choose from, but the special Brekky in Bed Box is a perfect choice for your loved ones.

How Brekky in Bed Box is the perfect gift?

Brekky in Bed serves patrons, fresh  and tasty foods at a great value. Here’s how Brekky in Bed Box is the perfect gift:

1. It has got everything!

Firstly, the box has got a wide variety of foods . There are seasonal fruits, Rogelach Nutella, and a lot more!

Whether you are sending it for breakfast, it includes both salty and sweet items to suit all taste buds. It is a great, wholesome package!

2. The food is presented beautifully

After the ingredients and foods, the next thing to focus on is how the gift is packed.

The gift is box well and remains visually pleasing start to finish:

3. The meal is healthy and fresh!

Unlike local food outlets, Brekky in Bed has earned its trust with its fresh and healthy meals. The partnered bakeries and cafes are serving hundreds of customers  fresh foods, drinks and baked goods every day.

4. Affordable delivery fee

After finding the package you want, we work out the delivery charges to get it to you or a loved one at a low cost.

Here is a list of the minimal delivery fees Brekky in Bed offers:

  • 5km from North Bondi – no delivery fee!
  • 6km-10km – $5 (inc. GST)
  • 11km – 20km – $10 (inc. GST)

With just a few bucks, you can get your gift delivered with a surprise. These four factors are enough to elaborate how Brekky in Bed Box is the finest gift for your loved ones.

Breakfast in Bed Box Process

How do you get this wholesome meal delivered to your doorstep?

Step 1. Choose Your Box

First things first, you have to choose a box from the options that are available. You can check out for the seasonal changes and cater to different diets as well. Try any of them and move over to the next step:


Step 2. Place The Order

The second step is to place the order. Brekky in Bed has got a user-friendly system designed for placing an order: You just have to add box to the cart and leave custom notes for your loved ones and special occasions. About payment pathways, Brekky in Bed accepts major cards and payment methods to finalize the order.

Step 3. Deliver To You

The third and final part of the process is delivery. All you need is to do is wait for it to get delivered.  No shopping, cleaning, cooking, stress or mess. You have a perfect breakfast delivered to you, leave the work to the crew at Brekky in Bed.

The Bottom Line

Brekky in Bed Box is a perfect and healthy gift and you can get it delivered with no hassle. Move over to its product page and place an order with some special notes.

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