Chocolate is one of their favorite ingredients

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is one of their favourite ingredients

For many people, chocolate is one of their favourite ingredients. Some have a preference for either the white, milky or dark varieties, but others don’t mind at all as long as it’s chocolate. 

Starting off the day by including chocolate into your brekky need not be an unhealthy choice and together with other healthy ingredients, you can get the benefits of a healthy breakfast with the boost that your body craves and your favourite ingredient. 

Chocolate Benefits

Chocolate Cake

Not only is chocolate very nutritious, but it also packs a punch as far as antioxidants go. These benefits are enhanced by some other interesting ones of which the most important is that it raises HDL (the good cholesterol) and protects LDL from oxidation. 

Pastry and chocolate

It is never difficult to find ways to include chocolate into breakfast because it goes with almost everything. Pastry and chocolate combinations can include anything from fancy croissants to the simpler pastry delights that any person can quickly put together and bake in the shortest of time. For those who prefer cereals for brekkie, chocolate can be added to readymade flakes or cooked with oatmeal or quinoa for a scrumptious and healthy start to the day. 

Muffins, scones, cakes and bread always improve with the addition of chocolate and it even combines well with vegetable ingredients like beetroots and zucchini. 

Healthy and hearty smoothies have become a popular brekky choice and all types of chocolate can be included with the other basic ingredients. Avocados taste great with white, milky and dark chocolate. 

Recipes for Breakfast in Bed – The best chocolate recipes you can find

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This product is a compilation of the best chocolate recipes you can find. I hope you enjoy them.

Starting with everyone’s favourite ingredient, whether it’s the white, dark or milk variety, then adding exquisitely complementary flavours this is a rich and delicious collection of recipes for all home bakers.

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