Cicike Clear Glass


  • HEAT RESISTANT: Made of mouth-blown, premium lab-quality borosilicate glass construction for durability
  • INSULATED Glass: A set of two double walled, tempered glass mugs(pitcher not included), 15oz each; perfect for ice cream floats, shakes, water, juice, milk, coffee, and a multitude of other hot and cold beverages
  • Thermal Properties: Double insulated construction to help to keep hot drinks warmer and cool drinks cooler, and also keep glass cool to the touch and eliminate need for coaster as no messy condensation will occur
  • Adding ice after the liquid and avoid the use of automatic ice dispensers
  • DO NOT microwave or dishwasher
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Why Choose Cicike Mug?

-Fantastic double wall insulation for your cold beverages, ice will last for 4 hours instead of just one hour like a regular glass.

-No sweaty on glass and wet hands with ice water, no burned fingers reaching for hot coffee shot.

-Amazingly light weighted, it weighs even less than a regular glass (not double wall). Magic!

-Perfect glass job, no imperfections, elegant looks, glossy.

-Handmade, BPA Free.

-100% refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase in one year!

Care and Use Instructions

-Don’t hold these glasses under the refrigerator ice dispenser, the falling ice may will break the glass, put the ice in by hand only.

-Every glass has a small hole on the bottom, covered by a plastic sealant, please don’t peel it off, it will result in water inside.

-Don’t immerse it into boil water, use warm water and mild detergent only.

-Don’t use metal spoons (bamboo teaspoons are hip now anyway).

-When you are done using the glass,hand wash the glass.

-Don’t microwave.


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